Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go! Fun! Kart!

After been waiting for almost 2 weeks.. finally the day had arrived!... Go Karting!... Started my journey to Subang Parade and met with Andy there, then convoy to the Shah Alam and reaches there around 1.40pm.

Seems like we are the only 2 that just arrived... or maybe not.. seems like Pumbaah had been there even much more earlier!.. and from what i can see, he is getting very excited about it haha..

Later, Terry arrived followed by Koinmove and Ethan, got our info registered and still waiting for Xloader and Joe.. Finally around 2.30pm all had arrived and the fun begins!

For the whole racing session/events i was actually quite confused.. one i started into the track i saw a few kart infront of me.. after overtaking them on the first lap i couldnt see anyone, anymore.. the kart vibrate really bad too, the steering is very heavy, but the fun thing is at the corners where you can actually drift on it! LoL

Frankly speaking i only driven a kart before once in my life.. and that ways more than 10 years ago, so this time it is kinda new for me.. a noob i would say. Thats why i been goin into the pit and every 2 laps lol..becoz i tought it is over.. and at one time i did even ram into a tyre of a stationary kart infront of me because i was getting confused.

Choosing the Karts~

After the first session ended which is around 10mins, we drove back to the pit and waited for the next turn. Around 20mins later its our turn again and this time we were joined by others group.
And this time i manage to get some idea on who to actually drive it fast n hard lol... however after a fews lap it started to rain and it is damn hard to control the kart. At first i was following a 2 seater kart and when i was about to overtake them at a corners suddenly they spin and luckily i managed to take the left side and get out of it, then around half of the lap, its really raining alot and i also actually spin the kart too... was scary yet fun lol... no longer after that i also saw Andy spin his kart LoL... having a slick tyre on a wet road is really difference feeling.. the steering doesnt respond so good.. infact as Pumbaah said, when he turn the steering but the kart still moving in a straight line!.. taking corners also a challanging, you will bound to oversteer, drift at almost 99% rate if you are goin fast.

Overall it is a very fun experiance, and after that we went for an actually TT. which really had teh tarik lol..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go-Karting TT

Date: 07 Dec 2008
Time: 2.00pm
Location: Stadium Shah Alam

City Karting Enterprise

1. Terry
2. Koinmove
3. Andy
4. Eugene
5. Joe
6. Ethan
7. Pumbaah
8. Xloader
9. Xloader mate (Lados)
10. Xloader mate

2 Rounds - Rm60.00 perperson (Please note the rounds is actually meaning session, which is a session of 10mins. 2 rounds meaning 2 sessions = 20mins, and not 2 laps of the track)

TT @ Glenmarie

For more Picture click here
The whole event of the race was captured by Andy's GF and Pumbaah's wife.. so eheemm dont expect much.. but still thanks to them or else it is nothing to show at all.. hehe



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