Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My ride...

My first transportation is a BMW.. err nope actually its BMX hehe yellow colour ( wonder why ppl likes yellow that time) when i was in primary school.. actually before that i got a 3-wheel bike which i had no idea what brand it was hehehe.

BMX - kinda looks like this but old version.

Then on secondary school i got my self a racing bike.. cant remember what the brand tho.. we (me and my schoolmate) used to ride on our bike from town to town...

Racing bike - Kinda look like this but not to modern ler... very cheap one only

Then on my 16th birthday i finally got a proper transportation what come with an engine!!!.. Its the Yamaha RXZ.. red!... it was a beauty at that time... and the truth is i didnt even got a driving license yet when i first got the bike... it was on this bike that i learn how to ride a motorbike and obtain the license..

Yamaha RXZ

That was my first and only motorbike.. I get to drive to college wheni was studying in UK.. well the car doesnt really belongs to me tho, its belong to my uncle but i get to use it all the time hehe.. it was the volks wagon Golf.. similier to the photo.. black..

VW Golf

By the time i come back to malaysia and started working i got myself my first transportation that actually got doors! It was the proton saga, silvered colour... I still remember this car had been modified by th
e previous owner, sport rims.. low suspension.. (he cut the spring! duh) small racing steering wheel, racing bucket seat.. which i would say look nice but not practical... since it was not just a 2nd car.. 3rd 4th maybe.. i didnt spend quite alot of money repairing it.. seems like everything started to falls apart.. eps the low body kept hitting the malaysian famous hump..
Proton saga

Anyway after few years i moved back to UK and there i got myself a nice yr99 mercedes benz clk320 amg.. this car is so powerful even my wife was afriad of driving it... i would say its really a nice car with leather interior and heated seat!..

My UK car

My wife cleaning the car hehe

I got myself a GPS systems on it.. Tomtom

Well now i am back in malaysia... and car'less' hehe but in few days time i will be getting my next car... it will be my first 'new' car... previously all is either 2nd hand or 10th hand hehe.. untill then

If i remembered correctly the first car that i ever sat on is the honda civic.. well my dad's first car ofcourse.. i still remember the colour of the car..... yellow!... i think it was the 2nd generation honda civic around 1980-1983.

Honda civic

The second car was Mitsubishi galant which is dark brownish/purpleish colour... and compared to the honda civic, this car were bigger and longer.. if i remember correctly ler.. coz i think i was just about 4+yrs old. And it was the 4th generation which was built-in 1980-1987

Mitsubishi Galant

The third car which i remember was Toyota corolla and its white.. I still remember when my dad took me to school (kindergarden) for the first time on this car, its brand new and with a radio antenna at the back which i think its very cool!.. kinda like a police car (radio car some ppl call it at that time)

Toyota corolla

Then when i was in primary school my dad decided to buy a sport car it was the red toyota celica.. with only 2-doors!!.. i still remember having to climb in at the back of the car.. and doesnt really like it much... well maybe i was too young to know.. heh i think it was the 4th generation T160 series 1986-1989

Toyota celica

Then on my secondary school my dad bought a new ford laser, it was gold/bronze colour, i even drove on it a few times when i got my driving license..

Ford laser

Currently my dad is driving a Honda accord.. well for more than 10 yrs now... even tho its still in a very good conditions.. since my dad didnt really drive alot coz of working all the time.

Honda accord

Well there is plan to change the car.. but seems my dad is still looking for the one he really likes.. well actually he found one but its doesnt meet his AND my mom requirement.. so they are still looking and waiting...

Take a wild guess hehe


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