Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 170 and 206

Well, since i get to used the 170 and 206 for the whole week.. might as well took some picture of them side by side.. hehehe.. The so called Father & Son car la..

206 and 170

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fatt Chai !! as it is Chinese New Year, it is customary to buy new clothings, wears, shoes for chinese peoples.. and today, i bought a new shoe...

well not for me tho.. its for my pug... hah

Old shoe.

My pug comes with a standard 14" rims with 175/65/14 tyre profile. At first look its kinda looks skinny and small.. ( some said looks like kancil tyre), but one thing what it good for is.. on wet road.. believe it or not.. they say it really can run on wet road.. coz theoretically because the tyre was slim it will cut more water compared to wider tyre which the track contacted the water surface more.... i hope u understand what i meant.. hehe

Getting ready to change, notice the rear wheel also comes up when the front wheel been jacked up.. the car is stiff man... good chassis.

Now you might ask.. since its so good why change?.. hmm well i wanted something that is not just only looks nice, performce good and... different.

So what i got?.. a 15" super light-weight Volks racing Rays.. white!.. with 185/55/15 Michelin Pilot Preceda 2.

At first i was abit worried.. coz changing a 14" rims with 175/65/14 wheel to 15" rims with 185/55/15 wheel, will it effect my car performance as the bigger rims + tyre might be heavier.. so right after they took out my old wheel and put the new tyre on the new rims.. i weight both of it... and surprise.. altho the new rims (Volks) is bigger with bigger tyre.. it is actually alot lighter than my original wheel!...

Nice looking eh?

Now as for performance wise.. well it is actually lighter.. so no worries.. and as for on practically use... frankly speaking i found it abit noisy compared to my old one.. maybe again because of the theory of wider tyre makes more contact on the road thus more sound.. and if it were to be on 175/65/14 of the same brand.. i think it will be much more quieter than the originals.

But here is the good parts.. i felt the car more lighter (in the sense of pick up speed).. much much more stable especially at corners or bend.. and over pothole, bump, multiple bump.. its felt solid and more quiet..

Black and white

And now.. to complete it.. need to find a good peugeot rims cap that can fit on it!

Ouch!... so niceey

Haha.. thanks to BlackDolphin for the rims.... i hope you had a good farewell/goodbye to the rims.. coz.. it will be a very very long time before u be able to see it again haha..

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mac BookPro

The New Mac Book Pro.. niceyyy.............. well i dont own it tho.. its my company's notebook.. but the best thing is i am using it for all my work at office or home...

The best thing about Mac is, no matter how big or whatever features i used on the design software (Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4) it never dissapointed me with it speed and stability.

Intel Core 2 Duo

4GB Memory

320GB hard drive1

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT with 512MB

Illuminated keyboard

The keyboard looks so cool in the dark

The AC Power connection is magnatic!

Really love the keyboard

The Vaio and The Mac

Even got light at the rear of the monitor panel

Innovative and smart AC adapter which the pin can be change to different type of extension cable
(all supplied)

This is actually belongs to me.. well to match the accessories colours i bought a white colours earphone hehe

I wish i own it tho.. but hey so far its makes no difference lol

Sunday, January 18, 2009

17th Jan 2009. Another big events for the Peugeot Club and My206Club TT, this time our TT si to visit the Meguiar's clinic at Hypercoat located at Subang USJ.

Around 10+ Peugeots car attended the events and almost 90% of the cars where 206 with 1x 407 and 1x 406.

The events started around 9.00am with some introduction about the company, products and also car care information.

Then we move one to the demo where Andy's car were choosen for the washing demostration and mine for the full detailing demo ( wash, clay, polish, wax and maintaining) as my car is the only black car there.

We also been treated with some F&B later on.

Hey shinning shinny
Even if a fly lands on it will fall down, coz it is slippery lol

Actually there were 3 cars goin back that day with shining new look after being given a free detailing on it. Blackdolphin blue 406, Andy's red 206 GTi and my black 206 Premium. Haha it is well worth it to go.

2 bags full

I didnt come back empty handed also after being treated with the free detailing, as it is a special day just for Peugeot cars they also giving some discount on the products which you will never get from any others place in Malaysia.. so i decided to get some.

Since i am kinda lazy person and it is abit troublesome for me to do some detailing on my car at my place, i decided just to buy the washing and maintaining range from them. As for others i might just send over my car to their shop.

Well i bought some
- Gold Class car shampoo and conditioner (for washing the car)
- Microfiber wash Mitt (kinda looks like a glove to wash the car)
- Supreme shine microfiber towel
- Hot Rims for the rims (well, Dolphin force me to buy if i were to get his Rays rims lol)
- Quick Interior detailing for the dashboard
- Quick Detailer for maintaining the car exterior (after waxing etc.)
- Gold Class Leather cleaner and conditioner (for my leather seat)
- some application pad.

And i would say all these items is not cheap, it you were to get it from any normal retail shop it will cost you more than RM300++!! and that is just the washing part and its not even complete set (only around 80%) as there is still like 3+ types of brushes and tools.

For DIY full detailings with complete tools and products.. i think it will easily cost you more than RM1000++.. thats why i prefer to send over my car to them than do it myself.. as i did try it once before, i almost die from it.. very tiring and hard working.

To send and do a one off full detailing ( standard) i think it will cost your around RM250, but you dont need to do it all the time.. maybe about twice a years will be enough.

For more info do checkout the my206club later on when i got more picture of the events and also thanks to all the peoples from the Hypercoat for this great events and free detailings on my car

Hypercoat Enterprises Sdn Bhd
No. 30, Jalan Industri USJ1/1, Taman Perindustrian USJ1,
47600 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Telephone: 03-80244594 / 03-80244576

Sunday, January 11, 2009

10th Jan 2009 (Seremban)

I am not gona do a repost.. so just click here for more info.. hehe My206Club

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Buckle or Bucks?

Click the picture and print it out then stick at behing the front seat headrest facing rear seat

Now recently the gov. had impliment the rule of having the rear seat car passanger to buckle up or be prepared to be fine. Now that is a good move as the rear seat belt does saved life or else it wont be there on modern cars (yeah yr 1995 and before cars is old, sorry to say that) But somehow the way of punishing those offenders is not acceptable by all. Now you will know what i meant.

From Pualtan blog-

From the new year onwards, all passengers in a car whether sitting in the front or back have to buckle up or face a RM300 fine. This only applies if the passenger is over 17 years old, but if you are younger, the driver of the car is the one who will be punished as according to Road Transport

Director-General Datuk Solah Mat Hassan, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the safety of the minors that they are driving.

This new seatbelt ruling includes the rear seatbelts, but excludes the following:

  • Cars registered before 1st of January 1995
  • Cars registered after the 1st of January 1995 but not equipped with rear seatbelt anchorage points
  • Commercial vehicles such as taxis and rental cars
  • Vehicles with more than 9 seats including the driver’s
  • Transport vehicles with capacity above 3.5 tonnes

Wait, that’s not all. The RM300 fine will be in effect only within a “grace period” of between the 1st of January 2009 to the end of June 2009. From the 1st of July 2009 onwards, this fine will be upped to RM2,000 and you could even go to jail for up to 1 year. Yes, it may seem harsh… but if you buckle up, you won’t have to worry. It’s for your own safety anyway.


From the look of it.. the gov. already given some so called trial period where those who didnt buckle up at the rear seat will be given a warning last year (2008) and now starting from 1 Jan there is will a fine of RM300.00 since you had your chances to get used to it last year. And if you are still stubborn or hardheaded.. oh well you can be fine up to RM2000 or up to 1 year jail.. weeheyyy... now that means business.

Now from this article me and my mate well, Andy Gti and i had a heated so called debated which lasted for hours lol (yeah kinda sad uh?). In his opinion the fine of the ridiculous high price is bunch of bollocks, his fact?

-It is a nature of human to forget (sounded like Mahathir's melayu mudah lupa.. yeah) and it is very unfair for them to be fine at such a high price (RM2k / 1 Year jail) for something that they forgotten.. eg. buckle up the seat belt la.
-And it is unfair for those who followed the law (so called good citizen) to be fined just because they forgotten just once (very unlucky) while those who didnt follow the law so (called bad citizen) to get away with it. (He knows coz he said he seen the world.. or Malaysia in this matter)

Ok now.. i do agreed with him, he got his point.. but then again.. i think it is just a bunch of bollock excuses.... using 'forgot' ,'lupa', 'oublié' ,'忘记' ,'भूल गया' as his main point.

They way i think of it.. well there should be something to make peoples to remember. To imprint in thier mind that not wearing a seat belt at the rear seat now is an offence. It is a very simple and straight forward way to do it.. you dont wear, you got caught, you get fine. Thats it.. no gimmick no nothing.. same as the front passanger and driver, we always wear a seatbelt when we got into the car.. because we knew it is an offence if we dont wear it. (altho i knew some peoples purposely dont wear it esp. they think of it is just a short distance, its late at night no one will know etc and not because they forgot!) So my point is..

-You know how much it will cost you if you dont wear the seatbelt, so try to remember it and buckle up.
-If you forgot, and got fined which is very unlucky but by now you should had remember it deep in your heart to buckle up next time.
-You still forgot.. thats means Rm2k / 1 yr jail means nothing to you.. then you deserve it la.. aka padam muka.

Now what does Andy tought of my opinion?.. well he said i am bollock naive.. my eyes is closed, didnt see the world close enough and bollock lol yeah alot of bollocks.. then again i ask him what should be done to make sure peoples remember to wear the seatbelt at rearseat?..
and i am still waiting for the answer tho.. maybe in his opinion is.. the gov. should just encourage peoples to wear the rear seatbelts and it is up to them to wear it or not.. so if you die thats your problems la.. who cares.

But end of they day.. i think it is a good move providing first time offenders gets a warning, then second time fine with no more than rm300, do again fine up to rm2,000 then 'forgot' again, jail.. still forgot... oh well go see doctor la..

And even with me and Andy debating or arguing.. it is a fact.. and it is really happening (altho the rm2k / 1yr jail i am not so sure it will happen.. you know la thing change mar) So for your own and your love one safety .. please buckle up la.. not very hard to do mar, just pull n click.

ps- if you really scare you might forget like what Andy mention.. i provided you some artwork where you can download it then print it out and stick in your car. .. see how good i am.. hehe

Smaller size, just click, save and print then stick it at the back of your front seat headrest facing rear seat

Much bigger size, click and save it then print it out, put it at the front seat rear pocket or something, kinda like aeroplane safety booklet :)


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