Monday, September 29, 2008

Ok.. since i cant find a suitable rims for my 206, (maybe i am abit too choosey).. and since i am goin to JB anyway, i decided to try my luck there....

Started my journey from KL around and reaches Sg.Besi Toll at 4.45pm.. wahh damn jam.. normally it would took about 20mins only.. sigh~.. anyway went straight toward JB and reaches there about 7.15pm.. damn tired... along the way there is like 1 petrol car on every 10-20km!.... didnt go fast around 110kmph-130kmph and sometimes 150+kmph when overtaking cars or goin down hills hehe..

Meet with my cousin (Alvan) somewhere around skudai/tampoi.. well i had to get him to lead me as i had no idea where to go in JB... and i am staying at his house too..

2nd day, Alvan decided to take me to Pelangi to search for the rims... and we been to about 7-8 tyre shop but none of them got any.. no PCD 108 at all!... then on one of the last shop.. finally there is one... went inside, there owner had to dig deep.. really digging deep into his rims collections and found one...

Well this is the only rims that i've found... not really my type tho... sigh~.. selling for about rm1600 damn expensive... the owner said it is supposely made in Japan and the rims cap written made for BBS... (like i care)..
Oh well.. been searching for about 4-5 hours still no luck, so we call it a day... coz we were goin to a party later on at Alvin's house (my others cousin)

While on the way to the party, we pass by the JB Nasim showroom and just at the enterance i saw a white 206.. ! brand new manual... looks nice... for me its either black or white is the best look on a car... but i didnt managed to take a picture.. as it was quite dark, around 8.00pm and the security guard were abit worry seeing our car stop outside infront of the gate hehe..

Day 3 (last day)

After failing to looks fo the rims in JB.. well i kinda let go the idea of getting it here.. so in the morning we went to shopping at JJ with Alvan and his family... and suddenly i saw a counter selling rims!... oh must go and had a look... seems like they are doin some promotion.. so i went there and ask the fellow about the 15" for pug. Sadly he told me there is only 16" and show me the picture of it from the catalog.

Well currently they are doing the promotion so this rims cost rm1100.. normal price rm1300... wah! so many spokes....

Then i checkout the company, seems like they are from Stamford Wheels.. and whats more they are from K.L!... lol i come all the way here to buy a rims from K.L? Anyway i didnt get it as.. its still 16" altho it the best design from the rest of others PCD108 rims that i saw before...

Elsa the future rally or F1 driver, Alvan's BB

Started my journey home at 9.00pm.. reaches K.L at 11.20pm... long journey... damn tired man..

Today went out with Andrew again hehehe... this time we went to met one of his friend Yee for lunch and chatted abit. Yee is the person that Andrew told me about his a problems with his 406 AL4 gearbox which was 'infected' by water. We had a long chat about the problems and i also learned alot about it.. (will post out more detail in future) Seems like the AL4 gearbox is something that quite hard to tame... problems of water goin in, jerking, slips disc etc... hope mine doesnt had the problems or else ...sigh~.. for flushing already cost rm7-8k!! touch wood, touch wood...

On the way home after lunch, i told Andrew about the Stamford Wheel and we went to Tmn Maluri to look for the shop, while in the car i was browsing the catalog and found this nice looking rims.. well my go and try my luck there..

The shop is located next to the Mayban at the corner lot.. not alot of rims there and they are selling Falken tyre.. went in and saw the same rims from the catalog! but it is 17" and not Pug PCD... so i ask the owner about the 15" PCD 108 and he told me yes they have!... yay!!!! but ... there is always but.. sigh~ he need to check the stock.. and he only be able to do it in these 2 days.. ah.... seems like i had to wait abit then... just hope that i am not that bad luck..

5 spokes, clean, tidy and smart

Remember about the wheel arc from the last posting? Yup i finally got it installed!... well DIY ofcourse... i got the wheel arc from Andrew.. seems like hes been keeping it for almost 3 years hehe.. i guess the arc is waiting for the right owner.. me!

The manual so call book la...

serial/part no. original from Peugeot Australia

No wheel arc...

Wheel arc!

Wheel arc on all 4 side

Now.. what do i think of the wheel arc... frankly speaking, the car looks good without wheel arc on a 14" rims with 175/65/14 tyre.. but, it will looks more aggrasive or so call garang on a bigger rims and low profile tyre..

So now is a must to get my bigger rims!!!!! hopefully the Stamford Wheel got it.... gonna call them in 2 days time and... pray la...

Thanks to Alvins and Jes for the hospitality in JB.. and i missed elsa too...

Thanks to Andrew for helping me search for the rims and Yee for the AL4 gearbox info...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok.. actually i've been hunting for a set of new rims for my pug for 3 days in a row.. damn hard to get it... so today is considered as the last day for this week... and i just gonna sum it up what's been goin on in these 3 days...

First of all i hope anyone out there were kind enough to point me at the right direction where the hell to get the rims that i wanted would be greatly appriciated.. i am looking for a set of 15" rims with PCD 108 (offset 25) 4xH. which will fit perfectly on my 206. Thanks in advance...

Now why would i change my original rims?.. ok currently i am using a 14" rims with 175/65/14.. (ideal 195/55/15) now lets put it this way.. say you are wearing a tux, would you wear a canvas shoe to go with it?.. nope ( not saying absolutely no way).. the proper way is to wear a leather shoe... even tho the canvas shoe is comfortable n nice but its still a canvas.. not to go with a tux.. so imagine canvas shoe(14" rims) and leathershoe (15" rims) which one you go for?... leather shoe right?

Some said.. well get a 16" rims.. ok... i would say 16" is like wearing a leathershoe with steel toe cap... still looks nice.. but heavy!... hehe hope this explain... had to now my 206 is just 1.4li.. if 2.0 i would wear a boots! (17" rims) hehehe

Ok back to the hunting part...

Day 1

Went to KS at 10.30am to met andrew... (if you go to KS at any day 90% chances you will see him there too hehe) on the same time simpson also there... doing his 20k? service.. chat abit.. chat again.. hang around.. walk around n chat again, hang around inside the service area.. got chase out, go in again lol.. (i think KS ppls started to get annoyed by us) till almost 1pm.. then Andrew told Simpson to go with us and take a whole day leave.. but he is such an honest and good employer... well he went straight back to his office after they finished service the car hehe..

Ok started our journey.. first stop to Sunway... been to a few tyre shop... small and big.. cheap n expensive + damn expensive shop.. still cant find any 15" rims... 16" yes.. but limited choices too.. so no point of hanging around... next stop Klang oldtown.. atlast found something.. but hey.. the design is not what i really wanted .... cry*.. took some photos.. so that i can go home and had a good look at it.. (some shop doesnt allowed photo to be taken)

And here are 2 of it...

Rm1k++ (Andrew comment- good luck cleaning those spokes)

Rm1k++ (Andrew comment - looks ok but... dual PCD ley+bling)

So okla.. we ended up with nothing.... from around 1pm-5.30pm reaches KS again almost 6pm.. so we call it a day... Andrew said tmr we try halfcut shop..

On the way back.. jam.. damn jam... freaking jam!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Day 2

Ok day 2.. our target halfcut shop, destination... first we go to see the car paint shop to get the wheel arches colour coded.. (will put on more of it after i actually install it in a new posting) then goin to Subang airport.. not the airport la that area.. deep inside... found a hugeeeeee halfcut shop... wow!.. its really huge!.. kinda like a carrefour that sells all sort of cars part.. and the inventories... bravo.. as i said kinda like those hypermarket.. all items are arrange accordingly.. from type to makes.. for example, steering wheels got like 4-5 rows all hanging nicely on a fence wall.. and also group together like peugeot steering 7-8 in a row, merc 6-7 in a row.. back bumper.. all on a rack with sorted nicely with difference car make... a small partiton rooms full of taillight, next to it another small rooms full of headlamp... wah... i am impress.. and Andrew said he was like in heaven lol...

Andrew's ice cream

Well altho the place was impressive, but sadly i couldnt find anything.... but i guess it is Andrew lucky day coz he found what he's been looking for.. and man.. he is one damn happy man... jumping up and down like a kids that just treated with a nice big ice-cream lol, since Andrew didnt speak much cantonese, i am sort of his translator and asking about the prices and parts etc for him...

Apart from this shop we also went to a few others around the same area... oh well got some original 15".. but mostly is like belongs to 405, 306 even 205!... sigh~.... dunwan la... why buy old fashion shoe ler.....

Ok.. not much luck.. apart from Andrew still so excited about the 406 at the 1st halfcut shop we went to... which he refer as better than sexeheemmm .. no comment hehehe.. so he suggested we go see a car (GTi) belongs to one of his good friend... I wont say is who nor.. where and i did some photoshop on the photo of his GTi that i took coz... err actually he was not at home at that time and i kinda didnt ask permission to take the photo :P.. (if you wish the photo to be taken out just give me a buzz)

Reaches the house, raining... but owner not around, so we had to climb in, jack the car and took the rims out and make a run... heh.. nay.. actually he was kind enough to leave a side door unlock for us to go in and had a look of his proud GTi.. eventho he is still working and not around..(Andrew did call him and told him that we are goin to had a look at his car beforehand)

This GTi is difference from Andy's GTi.. in the sense of bodykits and certain part... according to some reliable source (Andrew la) this is actually a limited edition and there is only like about 200? of it out there. As you can see the front bumper and the back bumper is kinda longer and then normal 206 more bulky too.. and there is no side skirt just wheel arches (the reason we were here, to see how to install the wheel arch)

Andrew actually like this bodykits... and recommended me to get it on my tiny 206 too.. but reply.. well if my pug is a 2.0li or 1.8li or even 1.6li i would consider la... but my punny 1.4li i afraid after install it, the car wont move at all... what a laughing stock....

Front Bumper.. more aggrasive

Rear Bumper

Difference Exhaust tip

As usual.. come back empty handed... and its 6.00pm reaches KS... go back.. same old story jam

Day 3

Ok today day 3... kinda the last day of part 1 Hunting..... anyway today also i get to change my headlamp coz as you see in the photo... mist inside when its raining...

After rain and turning on the light this happen

Oo... my bb lion is crying

So its time to change it... sneak inside the workshop hehehe

Fresh from the box

All shinny...

Then we got chased out again lol... i think they started to get frustrated with us (me n Andrew).. oh well nvm we were on our way anyway....

First stop a sparepart shop.. actually more like an office located at the Tmn Maluri.. not very big but.. the price is good!.. for those who looking for the Pug front/back and wheel cap.. this is the one.. they also sells gearbox lub. 407 type wiper that can be fitted in 206... hell its a good place man....

Anyway hang around for some time then off to collect my wheel arch and straight to the Klang again, this time Andy's guided us to another tyre shop where tnash got his 15" GTi rims.... reaches there.. and... dissapointed again.. seems like tnash already got the last set and there is no way to get it anywhere... anymore... waaaaa

(Tnash i think you go get 16" la.. your 1.6li mar.. sell me the 15" la.. me poor boy... car punny engine......)

Well the owner did try to look for me by checking almost 10 of his supplier but still cant find any... and atlast got 1 set... which he show me thru his handphone mms fromhis supplier... i had a look and well.... hmm maybe la.. but again Andrew.. hes damn lucky man.. found what he wanted... but damn expensive ler... super lightweight... a set of volks imported from Japan rm5k+++ ... ++ sigh~

Well he said maybe i should considered import la... so.. what the heck think first think first.. tmr i am goin to JB maybe try my luck there... if still cant get any.. either the 16", the 15" that the tyre shop owner shown me or.. last .. import.... i didnt get the photo of the rims.. but when we reaches KS to collect my car.. to my surprise there 1 206cc laying there with the same rims!!! well took the picture of it..

Same as the tyre shop at Klang, even the size 15" but the logo no thanks i prefer the newer one

This one is actually a 307 ori rims

Ok as usual... on the way back... this time abit early, around5pm.. but the jam is even worst!!! reaches home at 7pm!...... urghhhhh... btw i did bounce into xloader while on the way home.. forgot to snap him lol

Alo abang me wanna go home la tired.. pleaseeeee

So end of the day... after 3 days of searching.. goin up hill down hill passing numerus tolls... i still ended up with a canvas shoe... shit....

My ori 14" rims

Hopefully there is a better tomorrow.............................

Anyway wish to thanks Andrew (blackdolphine), Andrew's friend, Andy and Tnash for all the help........ it just me.. the black sheep with black lion... just my luck i guess...


Monday, September 22, 2008

Today 22/sept meet with Blackdolphine aka Andrew and finally My BB Lions gets a new badge!.. love the black back ground which matches my car hehe....

From top


Thats all...............................................

Well another TT... hmm actually it is just 4 of us.. and we didnt actually go for teh tarik.. so its not so kind of TT hehe.. today's destinations.. first, X-tune.

I am abit surprise that X-Tune is actually located at the 1st floor of a shoplots.. i kinda expected it to be quite big like a garage, workshop or atleast the ground floor shoplots...yet another surprise.. for a small shop (actually we all were standing in the middle of the shop with no more than 6x4 sqft serrounded by parts n accesories) it does hold alot of parts and accesories such as grills, bodykits (dimmers) strout bars, exhaust, Air Filters etc etc...

Too bad i didnt get what i'm looking for (aluminium fuel cap), but atleast Andy's got what he wanted, the Green Air Filters... yay!.. LoL..

Getting ready to open the Air filter box

Nicely fit inside

Old filter..

Next.. goin to Naza World, well actually to visit the NZ Galaxy, the accesories shop for Naza's car. First in.. wow there is alot of cars.... not normal cars... but Ferari, Lambo, Porshe, DB's, and lots more... from the cheapest of rm50k to rm millions...!

206cchris and 'Gilamon'206

AndyGti and Premium's

NZ Galaxy is actually located at the end of the so call car warehouse... the place is kinda huge....... and too bad also.. even tho they had the fuel cap.. but no one actually can tell me ther price for it.. coz the so call sales person is not around.. and the so call helper doesnt know the price.. wtf...... sigh~

Some how i still prefer is the 'old' GTR

ooo nice, very nice

207cc... beauty.....

Interior... so wanna buy? rm158k only mar..... only mar?

Oh well again this time i didnt spend a penny..or cent hehehe, guess my wallet is safe again.. yay!.... we started from about 10.30am till 2.00pm and we decided to call it aday... oh well next time maybe i'll be able to actually get something... i think...

On the way back suddenly rain... again!.... why everytime i wash the car the next day it will rain??? urggggh..
and to make thing worst.. its started to flood!!! OMG!... the water is at the height of my front fog light! stuck in the traffic... heavy rain.. water pouring down.. got a sinking feeling.. no good.... oh at the end.. i decided to do it boldly.. just follow the cars infront closely ho
pefully he/she will cut the water away when the cars go thru...

Flood! flood.. the main road is gone!.. all cars at the sidewalk

*A bucket may be require to watch clip, as you may need to vomit afterward from dizzyness
Sorry about the quality of the clips, actually i am using Sony Handycam DCR-SR85 with widescreen.. so when i need to upload it.. i kinda need to make the file size as small as possible... but watching on my LCD TV is like watching a DVD quality films hehe

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well recently i've been talking with my cousin about the fate of our playstation 3. Eversince we got back, there is not much of gaming activities goin on for PS3 in Malaysia.. maybe its becoz the consol is too expensive? or maybe becoz there is not much choice of games? or maybe just simply bcoz the games is too expensive?...

Well the truth is.. compared to PS2 games which cost around.. what rm8? (pirated) to the original PS3 games which range around rm120-rm200, i guess not much peoples willing to buy it.. but what i can say is the games in UK cost around £30-£60 (rm180-rm360) so it is not that expensive here anyway... but ofcourse some will start to say how much is the average salary/wages of peoples in UK and so on..

So to make thing short, we decided to creat a Malaysia PS3 club... where all the PS3 owners in Malaysia can join and discuss or even swap games with each others.. but currently its just 2 of us.. me and Alvan (my cousin la). No choice, no where to go and doesnt know what to do.. we decided to creat a blog, hopefully to attract some PS3 owners in malaysia and maybe in future to creat a real working, organize club...

So to all the Malaysian PS3 owners out there.. please feel free to drop by..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nasim announced today their annual ‘Balik Kampung In Style Service Campaign’ which will be on at all Nasim service centres and authorized service dealers nationwide from September 15 until October 25 2008.

During the 5-week-campaign, all Nasim customers will get a free 24-point check-up for their Naza 206 Bestari and Peugeot 407. Besides discounts of up to 10% on selected items, there will also be lucky draws and mystery door gifts. NSB encourages all customers to service their vehicles as early as possible in order to avoid the last-minute rush prior to the festive celebrations.

For more information, call 1-800-88-6292.

Friday, September 12, 2008

8.50am... sigh.. wanna go or go on monday?.. go.. no go... go.. no go... okla go go go.... packed my laptop.. check the camera's battery.. had breakfast..... oh 9.30am... here we go.... well currently my cars is on 2450km.. its time to do the first inspection and get the warranty go on... Ofcourse this time will be abit difference because i am planning to do something more not just for me but also fellows 206ers.

Ah dang.. traffic jam... i tot at 9.45 everyone supposed to be in thier office or shop or whatever they do and not on the road....

Anyway reaches KS (Kheng Soon) service center at 10.10am.. hopefully there is not much peoples there with thier car wanting attention. Actually this is my third time here.. the first time nothing was done cause i havent got the information stickers stick on my service booklet. 2nd time here with complete booklet to fix the ignition hub and now for the 1st inspection service.

All blue... even the 206cc also blue.. camo? hehe

Where to go?

Front desk. (The door at behind lead to the garage/workshop)
I was greeted by a nice young lady... and pretty too :p.. but i forgot to ask for her name.. sigh~ maybe next time... the person sit next to her is the Service advisor, En. Yazid Zakaria.

Actually there is alreadi 2-3 customers there that came earlier than me... and i tot 10am was early

I took the picture of the 1st inspection coz today will be the last day i ever see it again hehe
After passing my service booklet and the free service voucher to the nice young lady, she begin to type in info/register my cars information such as current mileage etc.. and when all is done i begin to requested her if it possible for me to met someone that can answers some questions i had for them and izzit possible for me to take some photo? The she told me she will arranged someone to talk to me..

The customer waiting area
After waiting for awhile someone (En.Shariman, Techical Advisor) came to me and i explain my intentions to him about needing some answer to some hot questions and also take some photo. And he told me he need to inform his 'Boss' first.

Well fine with me... and another wait...

Big LCD TV at the waiting area with astro and dvd player (well last time i was here they dont even had an anthenna for the tele, hehe upgraded)

Help yourself with some drinks... (better than last time, none at all.. another upgrade)

407 in the middle of the lobby as KS also is a sales center with showroom

No need to explain.....

At the left side of the main enterance it lead to the garage/workshop located at the back of the building. There is couples of 407, 206cc and that pakcik is watching a Citroen.

Enterance of the garage/workshop, kinda loosk like a big hanger.. some 407s, 405, couples of 206 and 206cc

Well finally i manage to talk to someone, at first i was talking with En. Yazid the service advisor and got some questions answer.

Q- what is the actual servicing interval?
A- Actually if following the Peugeot (France) it is every 20,000km.. but for Naza it is every 10,000km.

Q- Since the service voucher only had the 1st 2500km then first service at 20,000km, what about 10,000km?
A- Yes you need to come for the 10,000km servicing.

Q- What does the free service includes?
A-For bestari it is 2 free servicing and for 407 it is 1 free servicing.. and you had to pay for the parts. (i think he misunderstand my questions)

Q- I means the 3 yrs free service and maintainance vouchers, what does it includes?
A- Oh thats one includes labour and parts till 60,000km or 3 years.

Q- When i bought my car its supposed to be 5 years warranty, but why in the service booklet only stated 3 years? From 2008-2011.
A- That i need to refer to my 'Bos'

Q- Can the customers bring thier own oil/lubricant?
A- Yes, just only that.

(I forgot to ask what brand of lubricant they uses there, but i did saw some advertising of Caltex lubricant)

Q- Common question, will changing to bigger rims void the warranty?
A- Depends on what sort of rims, original peugeot rims wont void it.

Q- What about sportivo rims (16")?
A- That you might get the warranty from Naza itself.

Q- What about others rims, 16" for instant.
A- Its might void the warranty for the suspension absorber systems.

Then the 'Boss' (sorry forgot to get his name) came.

BA- Actually the warranty is only for 3 years and not 5 years. There is no 5 years warranty for bestari unless it is extended warranty given by Naza itself.

Q- But when i bought my 206 premium its stated with 5 years warranty (showing him the leaflet for premium)
A- Actually currently there is no more 5 years warranty, only 3 years.. (why they still put this up? - The 'Boss' asking his staff)

Q- Then what about mine? It definately stated 5 years warranty with 3 years free service.
A- For that you need to get it black n white, normally its come in form of voucher that stated extended warranty. Maybe you should ask your SA to get it.

Car being fixed

Q- Alot of bestari owner wishes to change thier steering logo to peugeot, is that possible? Do you sell the lion emblem for it?
A- We only sell the lion logo for the rims cap.. we didnt sell any logo for the steering, and it is very dangerous tempting with the steering wheel logo as the airbag is underneth it. so we wouldnt do it or recommand it to be done. You dont want to had a lion mark on your forehead when it deploy dont do?

Q- Is there anyway to change it then?
A- Yes buying the whole set of the airbag.

Q- How much?
A- Rm 10k.


My car's jobsheet

Finally my BB lion being inspected

Q- What about the engine logo? can it be change?
A- Yes, it is just a stickers.. you can change it but it just a stickers.

Q- How much does it cost?
A- RM26

Q- Ok thanks, can i take some photo of the place?
A- Yeah, go ahead..


This is how the airbag deploy it will break the 3 part (red line) of the steering wheel and flip over while the airbag is inflated in a very high speed.

Everything seems to be in tip top conditions

They even gave you a folder to put all your ducoments/service booklet in

Well first of all i wish to thanks the KS staff and management for answering my question and letting me wander around the whole center hehe..

Now what do i learned?.. hmm well first of all... anything original parts that been taken out of unathories modified, will void the warranty... i guess everyone know that.. so next time when you change something... kept the original part.. just incase anything happens.. change it back hehehe.

The high rev (rpm) for the auto gear is a common problems.. cant be fix i guess.. so the best way is using tiptronic to manually change from 2nd to 3rd gear (hi rev mostly happen at 2nd gear)

The squeeky sound on the front doors, magically dissapered.. dunno why... the 'misty' front light... best to take the photo of it as when you are at the SC it might not happen.. so take photo as prove.. its also easier for them to claim the warranty.

Well i guess thats all for now... till next time.. the 10,000km... till then

Damn... go back also jams (1.45pm)


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