Sunday, November 30, 2008

Car Care Tips

Looks dirty n ugly

Had you ever had the feeling that everytime after you washes your car and all is shinny then you notice the plastic part (the black colour) lining on the roof is so ugly... and no matter how you wash it and when it dry it still lookes dirty?

Well no more, i got a tips for you on how to easily clean it and maintain it in a tip top conditions.

All you needed is 1 piece of scour pad ( those green pan sponge ) cut it in smaller size, best is same size as the plastic lining, 1 black KIWI show polish and 1 old cloth.

Watermark that cant be clean of just by normal washing

First use the scour pad to scrub off all the watermark, dust etc. make sure it is evenly scrub and also most importantly not to scrub on your car paintwork!

Next use the old cloth and the KIWI shoe polish, give it a good amout of it.. dont be stingy.

Lastly slowly n gently apply it on the plastic part, you might need to redo a couple of time to make it all evenly dark/black.

The final result, it looks clean and new. I could had do a better job on it hehe but since i havent wash my car yet so i just do a little demo for the blog

Another tips is how to maintain your wiper so that it last longer and performs better. All you need is a very simple thing either a clean cloth or few pieces of tissue papers.

Hold the wiper in the middle and grab it together so that its not loose.

Use the cloth or tissue papers and wipe it hard in up down motion.

You will notice it is very dirty. The wiper gets dirty easily so it is best to clean it whenever possible and not just wait untill you decided to wash the car. The method is simple and doesnt require water or detergent and can be done at any place. Of course it is better to used detergent and water for best result.

Thanks to Mr.Hin from Blue Box Glenmarie for the tips

I've had posted some photo of the 308GT sometimes ago when i went to KS SC last time. But this time Andy and I was lucky enough to actually test drive it for the first time.. i dont know how many had test drive it before but for me it is an honour to offered to test drive it.. altho i didnt actually drive it myself (Andy the driver) because it is a manual gear which something i had long ago abonden the skill of it haha..

Lets start with the engine, the 308GT is running on 1.6 litre turbo-charged THP 175 bhp petrol engine. Designed in co-operation with the BMW, the 1.6 litre turbo-charged petrol engine develops a maximum power of 175 bhp at 6000 rpm but is characterised mainly by its generous torque output.
And you gotto love the sweet sound of it... but surprisingly when at stationary with the engine on, you barely heard any sound of it inside the car... damn quiet...

What i really love is the interior, esp the leather seat.. the design the material.. wow.. i wish i can have it in my 206!.. also the 'moonroof' is superb, not to mention the rear seat is also very spacious for a 3 door cars, at any time it can carry 3 adults with comfort lots of leg space, high roof and wide. Altho it is abit difficult to get into the rear seat becoz you need to climb to the back from front, once inside there is really a big room back there.

The only thing i found out is the glovebox which was left half the space because it is occupy by the fuse box. But then again what you wana put inside it anyway? Maybe the service booklet, some pens, maps or maybe a pair of glove? lol oh yeah you also can connect your MP3 player on it which means no more boxes of CDs inside your car.. and if you really still prefer CD.. hey you still got the CD player unit which can hold up to 6 CDs.

The handling is superb. Altho the car is relatively higher than 407 and 206, it does handle corners and sharp bend very very well.. the suspension is superb too, goin over bumpy road, pothole without you noticing much..

What do i think of this car? Frankly speaking it is not for me.... why? errr coz i dont drive manual car haha.. actually the true is car got it all, the power the comfort the design the fashion the quality what else you can ask for more? If you like power, wanted comfort and space and also abit of trend and most importantly love manual gear shift, this is for you. As for me.. i would say lets wait for the automatic gear.

For the price of RM160K -/+ and limited units.. be sure to get it fast while it still available.. and for those who prefer the not so extreme ver. the 5 door non GT is coming soon.. real soon, so go and apply your loan today haha

Now enuff talk.. go check out the video yourself where today the Peugeot 308 GT Shine!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New car mat...

Last week finally i got my custom made mat for my car.. actually my SA had promised me to give it free to me.. just that i didnt had time to go back to Segamat to get it done... untill last week.. so i asked for all 5 pieces in the car and one big piece for the boot.

I've choosen black colour ( there is grey, chocolate n and black available) so that it matches the interior..

I should had posted this weeks ago but was abit lazy to do it.. anyway Andy decided to change his suspension somewhere near future and wish to know how does it feel/differences between a Koni, Rc, Gti and stock suspension like.. So we decided to call up those 'modded' car to test/feel it.

Andy's Gti

My Premium

Ethan Manual

TitanRev's with Koni suspension

Terry's with RC suspension

Actually we tested Titan n Terry cars.... then Titan was goin off soon... suddenly everyone is goin leaving Andy there alone hahaha.. actually Andy's plan was to test all cars, manual, auto, tiptronic.. but since he didnt mention or ask us to stay we tot its over so everyone shot off... poor Andy hahaha

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ok as i mention before while we were test driving the Nautica, Alvan got a call from his wife and we had to cut short the test drive. This is because some asshole decided to steal a bag full with baby wears n milk inside the car and break the rear right door windows to get it.

Suzuki SX4

Alvan's wife, Jes, her sister and my wife Ivy were taking Jes mom to see a doctor. So they drove her brother car since we are using the car and mine park at the apartment. And they parked the car just next to the clinic (side parking) for about 30min -/+. Came out and found out the windows was gone..

Altho the car was tinted with the so call security film (3mil, 4mil etc), seems like it doesnt stop those asshole in anyway... from the look of the windows glass which was inside the car and still in one big whole piece, the asshole somehow smash/hit 4 corner of the windows but the windows was still hold together by the security tint.. then used a knife to cut around it and push it into the car and grab the bag inside.

So Alvan and me drove the car back from the clinic to his parents house to clean it and since it is sunday and no shop open they decided to leave it there too later on.

Well i took a piece of bin bag and some tape and cover the windows.. kinda look like a prototype car uh? lol..

Got a call from Alvan today, seems like it quite hard to find an original window for this car and only got the china made available which cost about RM200..

My car took the picture from the apt.

Last week went to JB with my wife to attend Alvan's little girl birthday. Started my journey at 2.00pm and reaches JB at 5.00pm and since Ivy's sister n family also in JB, we decided to go to them at Danga Bay. Alvan was away at singapore to pick up my uncle from UK..( yeah we all arriving on the same day) so we decided to stay a night at Danga Bay Condo.

Village next to the apartment

The Apartment at Danga Bay was located near a malay kampung (village) and this village is quite special.. because at certain time around 12pm.. the whole village will be flooded!..

JB Venice?

I had no idea where the water came from coz i couldnt see the source of the from where i am standing... the water is rushing from the left side of this picture.. started at around 12pm.

Its is very dirty also.. all the rubbish floating around.. sigh~.. the worst thing is there is some childrens actually playing and swimming on it!... OMG...!

I guess the owner of this car is getting used of the sudden flash flood... he is not concern about his car at all.

Its is abright and clear day no raining no nothing at all.. where the hell these water came from? Maybe from the sea? Anyway after 2-3 hrs around 3pm+ the water suddenly gone... but still it left out alot of rubbish laying around the area...

Sunday 16 Nov 407 Test Drive at JB

Since its sunday and Alvan is not working, we decided to check out 407 at JB to test drive it... well i had test it before so i just let Alvan to drive it.

We reaches there about 4pm and its raining abit ... but as you can see here, not much peoples.. i think its about 4-5 peoples inside.. altho the food is much better than BlueBox Glenmarie, there is no free gift sigh~~ Asked them got free gift or not? the answer is if you book then got la ....

The 206 manual white

Current promotion of the 206.. 12years loan with 0% from Naza finance. wow 12 years!! lol.. i hope this will attract more peoples to buy it.. but with thier SA attitude and the SC service.... wonder if they will managed to sell it at all?

206 Engine bay

After registration we waited for about 5mins and finally the test car arrive, yeah there is only one test car and it doesnt had GPS!.. sigh~ the SA said because in KL is HQ so they would give a higher spec car...

Overall the events was abit dissapointed.. the SA is quite new.. doesnt know much about the car.. cant give any anwers and when Alvan said the car is not very powerful.. the SA answer if want a powerful car better get Honda/Toyota.. i was like wtf? Most of the time inside the car it was me who brief Alvan about the car.. point the good point of it.. the handling, feel the suspension, the conformness, the quietness sound proof etc.. while the SA just nodding away lol..

I ask the SA to show the headlamp cleaner and he was having a trouble finding the switch lol.. then come out another SA.. which Alvan said is a George Micheal looksalike lol, went straight to the car without talking, with rude attitude and took the car away .. man.. the service there is sooo bad.. even Alvan said i can be a much more better SA than them... bad attitude, no knowledge of the car whatsover... i wonder why they bother to do the test drive events at the first place at all.

The Alvan suggested we go and check out the Perodua show room just next door of the JB Bluebox.

The interior of Myvi SE

Engine bay of Myvi SE

The leather seat which i think is a quite good quality leather

But we wanted to test drive the Nautica instead.. altho we were greated by a better attitude SA (its a young lady) with smilling face and polite speaking way... she seems like doesnt know much about the car too. All she ever told us is the Nautica is fully imported (CBU) and even got an AP paper (wonder why they still rebadge it if it is fully imported?). Alvan ask her about the car izzit fully 4WD she said yes.. then Alvan found a button next to the steering wheel at the dashboard a button which got an icon of 2 / 4 wheel. ask her what this button does... well the SA couldnt give us the answer and just said its a full 4WD... oh well....

The interior of Nautica which Alvan said stupid.. coz couldnt see the speedometer much being block by the steering.

Halfway thru test driving the car, Alvan received a call from his wife. And something had happen which is not good... (will post about it later on..) So we cut it short and went off.

Overall the whole test drive event is not very satisfying.. being raining also doesnt help much.. after that we just went home in a speacial mod Citroen Xantia (the only one in whole malaysia)

ps- Sorry about the low quality picture.. i forgot to bring my camera thus just using the handphone to take picture.

Monday, November 10, 2008

LoL... as mention last time i went to JB to attend my cousin's son birthday as they were having a party and BBQ.. Alvan took a video shot of me doing the BBQ n posted it on youtube... check out the last section of the clip lol....

".... errr when it turn black"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rear Wiper

Two days a go found out my 206 rear wiper is tearing up... so decided to get it change.. call up Autofrance at Tm. Maluri and got quoted RM50 a piece.. gosh.. damn expensive... but its original unit... oh well..

The broken rear wiper, the rubber blade is gone

Trying to take it out

Took it out.. quite easy.. just hook n clip on

New wiper blade

Finally done

Anyway it is Rm48 when i went to Autofrance to pick it up... Rm2 discount? lol


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