Friday, October 31, 2008

Fire at Gombak

Recently the weather in KL is really damn hot... almost sweating all the time... and just now i decided to take a fresh air at the balcony and guess what.. saw a huge explosion!... wow.. there seems a massive fire goin on at gombak there... run back in get my camcoder and recorded it.. bam! another explosion... gosh... .. i think the fire started sometime around 10pm?.. damn scary man..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Dad always wanted a Mercedes Benz to add into his car collections... and finally after a long wait and searching his dream car finally arrived on last saturday 26/10..

Since my dad is quite busy working, so he had me and Bo to pick up the car and on the same time get it tinted..

The B170

Front grills.. so nice...

The Plate holder which is original Merc that comes with the car were actually bend abit in a V shape to fit onto the front bumper which is also a V shape

Front headlamp and Fog lamp

I love the 16" rims (205/55/16)

Interior / Dashboard, Full leathers. Note at the middle top of the Dashboard there is LED indicator for the Front Parking sensor, while the rear parking sensor indicator is located at the back which can be see thru the rear view mirror

The car also had the 'tiptronic' function but its abit difference from my 206, to used the 'manual function it just need to push on left (-) or right (+) on the D position. And when wanted to change back to Auto mode just press a C/S button located near the gear knob. And while on Auto mode, pressing the C/S button will which the gear into C-Comfort or S-Sport mode. Also there is 6 speed on the car.

There is also a sensor on the rear view mirror. The rear aircon vent is actually located at the bottom on the floor of the front seat which facing/blowing toward rear seat.

The Audio systems, the B170 doesnt come with GPS systems but it does had Bluetooth function to connect to the handphone and call can be made/pick up thru the car button.(listen thru the car speakers) The CD changer also hold 6 CDs which can be feed into the same CD slot. Another nice function is the sound systems which you can set the loudness such as front louder than rear or left side louder than right side or balance all round.

Auto lighting, which the front headlamp will turn on automatically when the day is dark. There is also a front and rear fog light and also adjustable headlamp height.

There is also air-con vent inside the glovebox


Driver side door panel

Side sill plate

Huge Boots space, the spare tyre is located inside at the bottom of the boot, on the right side there is compartment with first aid kit and also the triangle warning sign located, and on the left side is just an empty compartment for storing stuff..

Getting the car tinted

This shop is quite professional tint shop as all the car is park inside the air-cond shop with closed glass door, The SA specifically told the owner of the shop to do properly as this is a very expensive car lol.. so the shop owner actually gets his hand dirty and do it himself.. In the picture is his son preparing the car for tinted

V-Kool :P

Now after been driving the cars from the car dealers shop to the tint shop and back to my dad house.. what do i think about B170 is... well it is very comfortable, high, nice gadgets, prestige.. it is suitable for family who wanted a nice comfort cars with class. As for the performance.. altho having 6 speed.. its a 1.7li engine with heavy body, so its kinda lack of pick up power. I had to step on the acce. pedal almost to floor everytime to move the car from stationary position. Also the car is abit high so speeding on the corners/bends is a big NO NO... overall it is kinda some sort of Mini MPV with a class.. not a performance type.. classy and spacious interior, beautiful exterior, comfort riding is what you looking for then this is the one... the Service interval is every 25,000km or 12 months.. well atleast you only service the cars once a year :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Recently the BlueBox Glenmarie was having a 407 test drive day on 19/10/08. So we decided to check it out and on the same time get our hand on the 407...

As for the test drive we had to register and wait for our turn, anyway it is well worth waiting, Andy get the first go on the 407 but heh i think he's abit to soft on it.. just cruising around the area, then koinmove on the second.. well he really did test it out nicely goin zigzag and fast cornering while entering the bluebox enterance .. wow so fast...

Some keychain sold at the Bluebox

Overall from the test drive, i would said the handling is very good, especially on corners and bends with no doubt... power wise?.. emm well its comfortable hehe

This is me doin the test drive, the SA kept telling me to speed up, maintain the speed and dont break while goin into a sharp corner... well i did it... with everybody at the back screaming lol...

I didnt bought the keychain from Bluebox, instead this was given to me by Andy hehe.. thanks mate!

This is the so call 'mystery gift' given for those who register n test drive the 407 lol

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ok so far we only got 2 kind of stickers for sale... one which is for the 206 owners.. and another one is the Peugeot sport roadtax holder... for more info check out the My206Club blog.

The My206Club car sticker

Well you can stick anywhere you like... in Andy case, i think he gonna stick it on every windows or glasses he can find in his house hehee

The Peugeot Sport roadtax holder..

Both items is Limited editions.... so go buy it now hehe

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Part 1

Few weeks ago my sister complaint that her hamster been giving her n Bo a hard time... well actually she said both of them kept fighting at night time and makes a lot of noise... and she ask me does they make noise at the midnight while i was taking care of them?.. i said 'nope.. '

Thus my sister decided to drop her pets at my house again.. hah.. well actually i did miss them abit too since last time...

'I am back weeeee....'

'Hey you, prepare my dinner now'

Last time i told my sis the house is too small for them, not much place for movement and its kinda crowded too.. so this time she brought along the big house hehe and all the necessary stuff like food, bath sand, the wooden thingy.... etc etc

Bigger properties... lotsa space

Bigger wheel, now both can run on the same time

Even got a Double storey Banglow

And also with an attached Jacuzzi

Not only that, including are 2 vehicles for them to move around the house.. one for each... last time they had to takes turn...

Today they decided to had a TT session... oh well why not... hehe

1st Hamipug's TT 13/10/08 - Setapak

vroom vrrommmmm

Wow, did you get the new air filter? Is that the new decals?

'Hey, you there...'

'Smell my butt'

The TT session started from 9.00pm and ended at 9.25pm, thats because one of them.. (the fat one la) got lazy to move and decided to sleep in the car... so i had to let both of them back into thier banglow... i guess they must be tired after a long journey (lotsa spinning) and currently both of them were sleeping like a pig....

Monday, October 13, 2008

From the eye of GTi... meaning from Andy's car cam la...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my206club logo

Actually the idea of the club was started quite long ago... even before my time haha.. but since nothing was done before, Andy and I decided to take it step by step.. starting by creating the club logo.

As currently there is none 'actual' club nor members, we created a blog which will act as a brigde hopefully to attract more 206 owners to join us thus creating a real, organize, functional club... so for now it is just a begining..

my206club blog banner

Those who wishes to contribute some write-up, articals or to join hand with us to build up the club is most welcome.. please contact me or Andy for more info. Also any events or TT that wish to be publish also welcome do so....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

After been driving my pug from south to north, north back to south then further up north again, climbing up and going down mountains.. in hot and rainy day.. i guess its about time to give her something back.. ok its stated that the service interval is actually every 20,000km.. and currently my pug is only at 4500km.. but i decided to take her for the first service.. just to get the factory lubricant out hehe... I've done my first inspection at 2500km before, so this time i will need to change the engine oil, filters and clean up the air filter.

The blue colours palstic thingy is the breather hose cap

On the same time i also ask them to check out my gearbox as after hearing something about the AL4 gearbox, well it does concern me abit.. its seems like the AL4 gearbox had a problems of water entering the gearbox thru the breather hose and also defective solenoid... So i demanded my gearbox to be check up just incase la...

Anyway to my relief, my AL4 gearbox is the new type.. or more like modified with the breather hose cover to prevent water entering and also new type of solenoid... anyway they also run some test on my gear oil just to make sure it is water free and also checking for leakage..

I took the opportunity to took some picture when they jack my car up.. not much chances to actually had a look at the bottom of my car, so must take some picture hehe

My spare tyre.. not the one on my body la...

I decided to used a Caltex Havoline semi synthetic as i know i would need to service again at 10,000km.. which was meant for the actual first service.. and its free :) and my plan was to get a fully synthetic which will run untill 20,000km.

So after waiting from 10.00am till 1.00pm my car is finally done with the bill as below,

1. HAVOLINE SEMI-SYNTHETIC 4LT 10W-40 ................... RM97.00
2. OIL FILTER .................................................................... RM52.70 (RM47.43) 10% OFF
3. DRAIN WASHER ............................................................ RM8.70
4. LABOUR ........................................................................ RM65.00 (inc the gearbox check)

Total: RM221.40

On the same timei saw a 206 sportivo version park outside, getting servicing too.. met the owner who i think not quite happy about his car... sigh~

I asked him about the angel light which came with the car as standard about the headlight level adjustment, he told me well the function is not available anymore... plus he said the is sound coming out from it.. kinda like shaking/rattling sound and the light beam is actually bouncing up and down when driving thru an uneven/bumpy road... and his advice... ' i wouldnt buy it' .. damn!.. here goes my plan of getting the angle light... sigh~.. now need to really think twice..

The back LED light

The 16" sportivo rims

Peugeot 407 evente, didnt see much of this car on the road

As i walks around waiting for my car i found 2 white 206 park at the side.. this is actually the new colours for 206 that just came out recently.. but its only available on manual unit.

New and shinny

Wonder who had bought it?

Nice n sleek... maybe a full bodykit?

Anyway after spending about 3hrs in the SC my cars is finally ready... got my key and drove off heading back... and wow its does felt difference!.. the car is really pickup fast, just a little press on the pedal and the car shot off, gear shift was smooth too and especially the engine sounded difference too.. more solid more power haha.. what a wonderful ride home...

Just wait till my 10,000km with fully synthetic and maybe.. just maybe a new Green drop in air filter hehehe..


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