Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Taken while on the highway to JB on sunday

Due to me making quite a numbers of trip to JB (about 3-4 times) and also a couples of times back to hometown.. within 4 months my mileage has gone from 300km to 10,000+km.. so today its time to do the 10,000km servicing, previously i had done the first inspected at 2500km and first service at 4,600+km at Kheng Soon. But this time i am choosing Volcare, because;
1. They are using 'Total' engine oil.
2. I think the rest of the service centre (eps Bluebox / Kheng soon) would be packed on 31/12/08

Total 7000SM + oil filter

I am using the Total Quartz 7000SM 15w/50 semi syn. as i am planning to had my engine oil change on every 10,000km from now on. One funny thing i notice is altho Peugeot recommanded Total oil but at the bottle of the engine oil it didnt written anything about Peugeot instead its written recommanded for Mercedes Benz, VW, Nissan, Toyota etc.. lol

Oil filter

This is the oil filter and a damn expensive one too.. which cost around extra 100%-200% of the price from the outside spare part shop.. but what to do, since the car is under warranty you cant really bring your own parts for it.

Oil filter cap out.. wah the oil looks so black yet shinny.

Firstly.. they (the techician, mechanic call it whatever u like) will open up the oil filter (cap?) and let it drop down into a container at the bottom

The old oil filter

Then he will clean the (cap?) and put in the new filter in and fix it back to its position.

Draining old oil (Caltex, from Kheng soon lol) the oil look black thick and shinny tho.

Next is to 'jack' up the car in drain the engine oil from the bottom. Actually it took about few minutes to drain it, but i told the techician to leave it for 1/2hrs or so, so that its totally drain out clean lol.. well it wont be that clean but atleast get as much as the old oil out as possible.

Putting in new Total oil

After all is done, the car is lowered and new oil will be pour in. I did ask the mechanic how does he know how much to put it.. coz i dont think they will pour in a whole 4L bottle, and well he couldnt answer me how he know... but he just know when is enough lol...

IBM Laptop with windows XP

After all this done, now to check the electronic parts which means they will plug in a laptop with Peugeot Planet 2000 software and basically let is run/diagnosis the whole car systems

I wish i got this software to play around with

Well seems like everything is fine... and it had been reset to next service at the next 10,000km interval, So my next service will be on the 20,000km which i hope... not so soon la..

A closer look of the software interface. simple and seems easy

PS- Only at Volcare they allow me to hang around the working area.. took the picture talk with the mechanic while he is working and ask him to do this and that lol... others service centre?? well you will be asked to sit in the waiting area and drink coffee/watch TV hehe

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ok after been driving the car for almost 4 months i decided to 'rebadge' the 'engineer by peugeot' logo to the original/CBU version which is bigger.. another reason is also because i didnt want to repeat the 'Lion' emblems at the rear.. got the large one and another small one.

The original CKD 206 with smaller peugeot wording and repeated small and large lion emblems at he rear.

First of all i used a tape to mark up where the Peugeot word goin to be.. and also to make sure i didnt mess it up when put the logo and ended up the logo is uneven or slanding at one side

I guess the hardest part is how to take out the emblems.. some suggested just pull it out (which might broken it in pieces), some suggested using a screw driver (screw him), and some suggested using a sewing thread (best way, suggested by Xloader/Ethan). So i decided to used the thread /wire just to see which is the best. At first i was using the sewing thread.. which didnt last long.. its snapped at every 1-2mm of cutting thru the double-sided tape under the logo. Then i decided to used the garden wire which is alot easier... but you need to do slowly, as it will eventually snap also. Pull the thread/wire in up down moving (sawing).

And this is what it might ended up.. still got abit of 'leftover' double sided tape here and there.

Ok eveything is out.

To clean out the sticky part of the double-sided tape on the surface, there is actually a few ways.. for me i just using my finger/nail to scrap it off (suggested by Ethan).. and well it easily come off.. then i steal some nail polish remover from my wife to clean off some stubborn part.. just use a cloth dip some (a little amount will do, dont go too crazy) of it and wipe it fast and quickly use a wet cloth to clean it again... and i also actually did some waxing on it too hehe just to make sure the surface is shinny clean.

Check out the size differences of the CBU and CKD Peugeot emblems. Its comes with pre-stick double-sided stikers

Now using the tape as your guide line, slowly stick the Peugeot wording on the surface that if you mess up you still can take it out, and when you are satisfied with the position then press it hard.. press on each letter to make sure it stick properly.. and lastly just wipe it off with a cloth... and its done... all new, shinny and large!

Now the left right looks balanced

As for the old emblem.. hmm well i got some plan for it and will do some DIYing too if i got time.. so for now, it just goin to be kept inside the boot.

Original CKD 206 emblems

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gnile Beauty.

Last nite went to met my client to discuss about the products logo and packaging design and saw this bright huge green signboard..and.. yup i designed this signboard and logo for my client last month and its already been up.. wow.. haha..

It is very bright and can be seen from afar..

Gnile Beauty salon

Interior signboard

The artwork

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Previously on part one, i've gotten the '2D' aluminium type of engine emblem for my pug... and after awhile i found out there is another type which is a '3D' type (plastic base with chrome lion) so today i was lucky enough to get hold one for myself...

Old 2D aluminium emblem

New 3D chrome lion with black plastic base

haha,now whose gona laugh at my engine logo anymore?!

Also on the same time, the long awaited Aluminium Fuel Cap... i was abit surprise that this fuel cap was actually thick and heavy, i tought it was light n thin. Well i guess being a genuine peugeot accessories it had to be done properly? hehe

The original fuel cap

Smart looking right?...

And as for the old 2D engine emblem...... hehehe

Dont waste it...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now this is something interesting, lol. Well actually on last sunday 07/12, some of my friends text me and told me i was on the News Strait Times Newspaper under the Car,Bike & Section for the Peugeot Vision i was abit surprised, i didnt know it was goin to be in the newspaper as i tought it only will be on the Peugeot Vision mag/newsletter/newspaper or whatever you wana called it coz it is a one piece 2 page

Then at the Go-kart, Pumbaah also telling me it was in the newspaper. But since we are having the go-karting events, i didnt managed to get a copy myself. But luckily at was available for download from Peugeot site here

Now lets go to the interview part, i was interviewed by Syah from the CBT, and it was done at the Steven's corner at Setapak.. 'TT interview session' la lol. Basically we talk about what do i like about the car, and how does it felt, the handling. performances etc. In the artical he mention about the 'me demonstrate the sharp U-turn' well lol i guess it was when i was making a fast U-turn on the way back after the interview session. And about the modifications.. i guess those who followed my blog before will know that i am looking for a new set of bigger n nicer rims.. which till today still failed to do so haha oh well.

By the way it was nice for them to mention the my206club blog tho.. kinda promote it abit haha
. Well in the end it was just a simple interview for the Peugeot Vision fo the testimonial section. so, Andy.. stop calling me star of 206 lol...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go! Fun! Kart!

After been waiting for almost 2 weeks.. finally the day had arrived!... Go Karting!... Started my journey to Subang Parade and met with Andy there, then convoy to the Shah Alam and reaches there around 1.40pm.

Seems like we are the only 2 that just arrived... or maybe not.. seems like Pumbaah had been there even much more earlier!.. and from what i can see, he is getting very excited about it haha..

Later, Terry arrived followed by Koinmove and Ethan, got our info registered and still waiting for Xloader and Joe.. Finally around 2.30pm all had arrived and the fun begins!

For the whole racing session/events i was actually quite confused.. one i started into the track i saw a few kart infront of me.. after overtaking them on the first lap i couldnt see anyone, anymore.. the kart vibrate really bad too, the steering is very heavy, but the fun thing is at the corners where you can actually drift on it! LoL

Frankly speaking i only driven a kart before once in my life.. and that ways more than 10 years ago, so this time it is kinda new for me.. a noob i would say. Thats why i been goin into the pit and every 2 laps lol..becoz i tought it is over.. and at one time i did even ram into a tyre of a stationary kart infront of me because i was getting confused.

Choosing the Karts~

After the first session ended which is around 10mins, we drove back to the pit and waited for the next turn. Around 20mins later its our turn again and this time we were joined by others group.
And this time i manage to get some idea on who to actually drive it fast n hard lol... however after a fews lap it started to rain and it is damn hard to control the kart. At first i was following a 2 seater kart and when i was about to overtake them at a corners suddenly they spin and luckily i managed to take the left side and get out of it, then around half of the lap, its really raining alot and i also actually spin the kart too... was scary yet fun lol... no longer after that i also saw Andy spin his kart LoL... having a slick tyre on a wet road is really difference feeling.. the steering doesnt respond so good.. infact as Pumbaah said, when he turn the steering but the kart still moving in a straight line!.. taking corners also a challanging, you will bound to oversteer, drift at almost 99% rate if you are goin fast.

Overall it is a very fun experiance, and after that we went for an actually TT. which really had teh tarik lol..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Go-Karting TT

Date: 07 Dec 2008
Time: 2.00pm
Location: Stadium Shah Alam

City Karting Enterprise

1. Terry
2. Koinmove
3. Andy
4. Eugene
5. Joe
6. Ethan
7. Pumbaah
8. Xloader
9. Xloader mate (Lados)
10. Xloader mate

2 Rounds - Rm60.00 perperson (Please note the rounds is actually meaning session, which is a session of 10mins. 2 rounds meaning 2 sessions = 20mins, and not 2 laps of the track)

TT @ Glenmarie

For more Picture click here
The whole event of the race was captured by Andy's GF and Pumbaah's wife.. so eheemm dont expect much.. but still thanks to them or else it is nothing to show at all.. hehe

Friday, December 5, 2008

Malaysia PS3 Club, finally gets some update ahaha.. well thats because i received and email invitation from Playstation Sony to try out thier latest 'Game' called Playstation Home (beta).

At the first look its kinda like 'The Sim'.... but does it really play like 'The Sim'? well read on.... click here MyPS3Club

yeap thats me... try look for me in this cyber world

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Previously the only Service Center that i always been to is at Kheng Soon in Jln Chan Sow Lin, infact 5 times in 2 months.. reason?.. well they couldnt rectify my car problems which got a 'tak tak' sound when turning the steering wheel at a very low speed movement.. well atleast twice on all the 5 times i've been there. I wouldnt wanted to say anything about thier service, just try and find out yourself.. some might like them some otherwise.

Then I've been to Volcare too located at the Jln Ulu Kelang along the MRR2, altho thier service is good in the sense of friendliness but they are lack of equipment and experiance staff... a normal service or oil change is ok.. but others might had some trouble.. and by the way they are using Total engine oil.. so i would recommanded for an oil change there if you like.
But they also fail to rectify the steering problems.

Enterance to the building

So after sometimes i had to bare with the steering noise and also some push from Andy, i decided to try my luck at Peugeot Blue Box at Glenmarie. Actually i've been there before with the my206club's member for the 407 test drive and also the 308GT.

It was when i was there to for the 308GT test drive time, I get to met the new Head of Department of the Peugeot Service Operation Divisions, After Sales. Mr. Hin.

At first look, he does remind me of my uncle (Alvan's Dad which is also a Technician). He was friendly and really care for the cars owner, infact he came to me and told me about how to take good care of my car. He even offered me to do some 'magic' & 'protection' on my car!
But since it was on saturday which means halfday operating. So i booked for monday to had it done.

One of the Servicing area

Monday, i reaches Glenmarie around 10am and there already about 5-6 customers in. I get my details in and in no time i was in the car with one of the Service Advisor to test drive it and rectify the problems. After it is done i've waited around 11am and finally my car was in the servicing bay.

Mr.Hin came to me personally and explain whats he goin to do with my car, first he goin to add some protection cover and seal up the gearbox flaws which is quite fame with water goin in problems.. which only happens in Malaysia..? Next he goin to do some grounding on my cars electrical wiring. All is kinda alien to me as i am not much a petrolhead.. (which in my defination still learning to walk). One good thing is Mr. Hin love to use resemblen wording instead of technical word which makes us understand more easily.

On the sametime someone from NZ Galaxy also arrived and took all my doors panel away for redoing all the screws and nuts. (Thanks to 'someone' from the Marketing department which attend to me when i told him the problems of loose screw inside the door panel which makes a clicking sound)

Around 12pm the servicing bay is closed for lunch. On the sametimes Mr.Hin also often came to talk to me about some car care tips, maintaining tips and so on.

My BB lion getting ready to be 'bless'

After 3-4 cups of 'Teh Tarik' they finished doing the gearbox seal and grounding and at around 3pm one of the Service Advisor, Mr.Tham told me they found the cause of the steering noise. Its was cause by the steering shaft which need to be replace. He told me they needed atleast 1/2 day to get it done and since it too late now would i want to leave the car with them or come back at other time. And since i needed the car, i choose to come back the next day. But still i ended up waiting till almost 5pm coz the NZ Galaxy guy havent bring back my door panels!!! urrghh...Mr.Tham did try to be helpful by calling them to hurry up tho. and luckily they did managed to catch me before i decided to go home without it.. I also saw Fiona aka Fibbles there and chatted with her (for those who followed the AW Forum on 'Water in Gearbox' will know).

Reception floor

Day 2, I arrived much earlier around 8.30am which is thier opening time.. and guess what? there is already 3 person waiting inside.. wow... told the Service Advisor about my car and waited there for few minutes then saw Mr.Hin coming down from the 1st floor (one of the customer there told me Mr.Hin was here since 7.30am everyday) and straight away he say to me they going to do it now and sorry to makes me come again. Then in no time my car was driven into the servicing bay to be fixed and 'bless'.

Stair leading to the 1st Floor, Sales depaerment

Again waited for awhile and Mr.Hin came to talk with me and another customer. And he kept telling me they are on it now doin the steering shaft.

Waiting area

Around 11am my car is finally fixed!... all is well... no more noise and with the grounding and ecu reset etc. my car actually felt difference.. more smooth and most of all after had to live with the 'tak tak' sound each time i turn my steering wheel for 2 months now its sooo smooth n quiet.. peace at last haha..

Sales Area at the 1st Floor

308GT at the 1st Floor

I would surely recommanded Blue Box Glenmarie for sure. Especially with Mr. Hin there.. Nasim, Peugeot got a savoiur and the owner can be rest assured that there is actually someone that do care about thier car!

However there is some tips tho. to get things done smoothly
1. Be cool, yes you might lost it especially all the problems you facing before kept coming up and seems like no one care or no one can solved it.. still be cool..
2. Talk to the right person, dont bark at the wrong tree.
3. Make sure you clarify your problems with as much details as possible as it will be much more easier and faster for them to check n detect fault. Eg. when does it happen? how does it happen? what kind of symptom
s and cause that you think it might contribute to the fault (modification)? etc etc.
4. Be patients.

The best is if you can talk with Mr.Hin personally and he will be more than happy to help you, to bless your car. Just a piece of advise tho, dont try to act smart, dont lose your coolness, be humble and surely enough you wont had any problems communicate with him.. and when both of you in in the right track i am sure all your problems will be solve. Let him do his thing, let him bless your car.. and you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Those who met Mr.Hin and actually spoken with him before will know what i meant..
so good luck :)

Peugeot Blue Box Glenmarie
Lot 28, No.2 & 4 Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51
Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 603-5569 0588 DL: 603-5566 3630 Fax: 603-5569 0499


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