Monday, March 23, 2009

The P1 Wimax builidng is actually located opposite the Naza World just by the round about along Federal Highway. Its very easy to find.. its called a Green Building or something..

The waiting area

The counter

Seems like there is alot of peoples returning the modem ... well i guess it is not for everyone uh...?

The whole process is very simple.. i guess most if not all the peoples that go there is to cancel then service and return the modem.. so not much was ask.... just fill up a form, return the good.. and they said i can kept the P1 Wimax bag if i wanted.. nayy....

On the same day i went to TMnet to sign up a phoneline n get streamyx connected.. as we were goin thru the process i ask for the 2mbps but to my surprise.. the Tmnet personal told me that my area (setapak and wangsa maju) got some problems with the streamyx.. not only that it doesnt support 2mbps at all.. even the normal 1mbps also cant get it coz.. the port is full.. thanks to those students that live around that area.. (TAR students?)

So.. with no others options... i guess i will go back to Izzi Broadband la...


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