Monday, March 16, 2009

P1 Wimax.. or P1 Why?

Now alot of peoples was talking about how good this P1 Wimax broadband is.. how fast, how reliable it is.. so since my izzi broadband is expiring soon, so i gave it a try.

Signing up was as easy as a b c. I went to the nearby carrefour, walk to their sales booth and ask them to check is there any coverage on my area (previously there is none) and there is! seems like they finally updated to my area, setapak . So next, got my IC n driving license out and sign up. Down payment? RM0.. will be billed on the first bill.

My package.. 1.2mbps for rm99 a month, period.. 2years (free modem).

The modem looks nice... kinda big tho, comparing to my izzi. So apart from the good looking modem easy to sign up package without me paying anything at front.. there is nothing.. nothing at all.. the connection is suck! worst than my good old izzi broadband |(which is suck also) this is bad.

Connection speed? - less than 300kbps with constant disconnected. load one page stuck at the other page.

Stability? - what stability?.. none...

Broadband speed test site ? not be able to even load it..

so verdict?

goin to return it this weekend.. since it had the so called 15days trial.. with full refund (which i didnt pay anything at first anyway) and if you used more than 10GB, there is will charges of RM50.. which i dont think i can even get up to 100MB!!

hmm seems like i will need to reopen my phoneline and sign up the bad old streamyx.. thinking of this package

2mbps for Rm140 a month
adsl modem provided
phoneline rental waive
free wireless router

what ya all think?



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